Water management solutions & Aquaponic systems

Water management is becoming an ever increasing need in South Africa. Due to drought, wastage, lack of knowledge and mismanagement of water resources, all South Africans are obliged to reconsider their water usage and management systems.

At                           we assist our clients with the design and implementation of simple, yet effective methods to both save and manage their water use at home or office.

These systems include:

Mains bypass system:

A mains bypass system allows the user to monitor daily water use as well as to maintain a constant water pressure within the home and office.

Aquaponic Systems:

An alternative to traditional vegetable gardens, which require continual watering and fertilisers. Aquaponic systems use the best attributes from Aqua-culture and Hydroponics to create a sustainable ECO-friendly environment for both fish and plants.

In essence we produce organically grown fruit and vegetables, as well as a protein source ( should you use edible fish ), in an enclosed self-sustaining eco-system.


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